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Laser Hair Removal
Legs (Female) = $3,894 (8 treatment package)
Brazilian (Female) = $2,394 (8 treatment package)

Underarms = $1,194 (8 treatment package)
Clear + Brilliant (Face) = $599 per treatment | $4,494 per package of 12 treatments
Hydrafacial (Face) = $299 per treatment | $2,870 per package of 12 treatments
Botox = $15/unit (banks available)
Xeomin = $11/unit (banks available)
Body Contouring
CoolSculpting = $262.50 per treatment (minimum 8 treatments)
Laser Tattoo Removal
Quarter size = $160 per treatment | $800 per package of 10 treatments
Dollar Bill size = $370 per treatment | $1,850 per package of 10 treatments

Payment & Refund Policies

LaserAway Treatments

Treatments offered at LaserAway are voluntary, elective procedures and are not covered by public or private insurance plans. LaserAway will not submit any claims to any insurance carriers. Payment is due before services are rendered. Patients are personally responsible for all fees and charges incurred in connection with their purchase.

All sales are final. For any treatments included as free with your other purchases, all paid treatments are rendered before free services, and free services have no refund value. Unused/unrendered treatments may not be transferred to another customer. Should LaserAway decide in its sole discretion to provide a refund, it reserves the right to refund for store credit only.

LaserAway Beauty Products
LaserAway Beauty products, except prescription (Rx) products, may be returned up to 30 days following your receipt of the product, subject to pre-return validation and approval by LaserAway.

LaserAway Beauty Rx products are not returnable and we do not provide refunds for them. State and Federal law prohibit the return of prescription medication. This ensures that the medication is maintained properly and has not been tampered with. If the pharmacy receives your order back, they are required to make sure it is properly discarded. Do not throw away unused or expired drugs. Do not flush down the toilet or pour down the drain unless you are told to do so by your healthcare provider. Check with your pharmacist if you have questions on the best way to throw away your medication. There may be take-back programs in your area.