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"It hasn't even been an hour yet and my skin is glowing. I'm obsessed!”
@ome, 196K Followers
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned...don’t get another person’s initials tattooed on you. And if you do, LaserAway’s got you covered.”
@missnarmin, 499K Followers
“You can go anywhere but LaserAway is the only place I trust for injectables. I’m convinced it’s a huge part of why I’ve been aging backwards!”
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“Laser Hair Removal is probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself!”
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“My favorite place to get my Botox treatment is LaserAway. They're easy to work with, friendly, and efficient with your time.”
@mrseventytwo, 101K Followers
“This was the first time I got a neuromodulator where I didn't need a touch-up after. I also noticed the results quicker.”
@jairodriguez, 59.8K Followers
“After my Instant Glow laser facial I swear I no longer wear foundation! My face is glowing & looking its best!”
@thebellamkay, 1.3M Followers
“Laser hair removal gave me a sense of freedom.”
@cassandracass21, 46.5K Followers
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